5 Best Marketing Strategies For Local Business in 2020

5 Best Marketing Strategies For Local Business in 2020

Is local business marketing dead, with a growing focus on scaling your business to go national or international. What does that mean for us local guys? Actually at a time when everybody else seems to be focusing on a national international level? It seems like there’s a lot of opportunities for us local guys in this blog. I am going to give you the five best marketing strategies, specially designed for local businesses.

So if you own a Restaurant, Hair Salon, Coffee Shop, any type of Salon, a Day Spa, if you’re a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Chiropractor, in fact, any type of local business owner then read on.

If you’re new here and you’re, looking for practical and tactical ways to grow your business, then please make sure to check our blog regularly, so you don’t miss a thing, now before we start the five marketing strategies for local business it’s important for you and me to have the right mindset, having the right mindset is key for making those five strategies work. So what is the number one mindset strategy that you need to have to make those strategies work to be both persistent and patient? The truth of being a success is not that hard.

It takes a lot of continuous focus and going in the right direction and remember, the truth that overnight success in business takes about 10 to 15 years, but any strategy takes time, trial and error. So if any of those strategies, don’t work for you within the first week, remember to be patient.

It will just take a little bit of dedication, persistence and patience.

So the number one strategy for local businesses is local SEO, with over 1.8 billion websites out there I mean billion with a B it is really getting harder and harder for local businesses to rank for simple keywords for their industry, but is SEO a total waste of time for local businesses? absolutely not, one strategy that is still super effective is the local SEO.

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So what does that mean? Seo is basically working on a keyword for a very specific geographical area, for example, a chiropractor in Stafford or a dentist in Stafford, instead of competing with tens of thousands of chiropractors or Dentists in the UK for the word, chiropractor and back pain.

Local SEO focuses only on chiropractor in Stafford, or back pain, an expert in this field Stafford, truth be told if you are a chiropractor in Stafford, why do you care that someone finds your website in the Eastend of London?

Their never gonna drive to your location. They need someone that is close to them. Thus, local SEO with local SEO, you’re going to get results where it counts in your backyard.

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Moving along to the second marketing strategy for you and it’s local business development, and that is a timeless marketing strategy.

By creating added value relationship with other local businesses. You’re, able to tap into a new customer base and expand your reach so continuing with the example of the chiropractor. What you could do is develop a relationship with all the local gyms in your area. So say you live in the Stafford area or the Liverpool area, head over to local gyms, florists and the like. Also when visiting Restaurants or Salons, make sure you get a rapport going with other local business owners. It all depends on what business you are in, so say you are a Chiropractor, then visit local Gyms.

The gym is where people are most likely to hurt their back or their neck. What a better place for you to have your business card or a flyer posted in each of the gyms of your local town, and you can reciprocate with the gym by having their flyer, offering a 10 % discount to all your chiropractor customer base.

Basically, it’s a win-win proposition.

One of my favourite things, when we don’t have a lot of money, is going to the local barber and be just ask if you can put some fliers in your store and you can put some in mine? The point is both of your businesses or targeting the same type of customers. So go to the businesses that target your avatar and again it’s a win-win situation for all involved.

You’re, not competing with one another, by working together, you are now both able to grow your customers base without walking on each other’s toes.

Moving along to the third marketing strategy, and that is localised focus.

Facebook Ads, now with Facebook Ads this is an extremely effective way to market your products and services because of the local geographical targeting option that is amazing. In fact, you can even target people by their postcode and then you can refine that by age group, the kind of cars they drive, even the kind of money they make, and this is especially useful for businesses catering to tourists because even if someone is from out of town, Facebook knows where they are, that’s because we all have GPS tracking devices on our phone as well.

Facebook knows where you remember, you checked-in at that restaurant last night in Stafford or Liverpool etc. Facebook knows that, now the good news for us is that people are in town even for the weekend, will be able to see your ads.

Now the fourth marketing strategy, and that is public.

Speaking at local events and local meetups is a great way for you to establish yourself as a leader in your community for your industry. Think about the information you could share with the general public out there.

That would make a difference for them and then find the local, meetups or local Chambers of Commerce and offer your services to speak. You’d be surprised at how many organizations are actually looking for local speakers, and if you can’t find a relevant group in your area that shouldn’t stop you creating a local meetup in your area yourself, it has never been easier than it is today. In fact, in 2017 I had the exact same problem trying to find local meetups that would be interested to hear what I had to say.

So what did I do? I created my own local meetup called the digital marketers of Stafford, a few of us got together each month and got up to speak and that created extra business for me.

Now the 5th marketing strategy for local businesses is having a Facebook group.

In a local area, making a local Facebook group with a shared interest around your industry is a great way to attract a whole bunch of people that may have not heard from you before. However, keep in mind that it’s really about the shared value and it’s, not a place to overly promote your products and services.

If you do that, it will fail, just engage, communicate and connect and remember the golden rule with Facebook group number one. No self-promotion, number two, don’t allow anyone from being nasty to one another.

If there is then make sure you take them out immediately, remove them from the group. You need to create a group where people feel safe to share and engage. If you follow those five tactics, I guarantee you that your business is going to grow, now to wrap it up the question of the day, what local Facebook group do you belong to?

That’s it for today’s blog, now don’t forget to grab that FREE PDF showing you exactly how to get your local business listed and how to monetise your listing, JUST CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW.

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