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Hey, Lindon Talbot here, CEO & Founder of TLC Media Group and I’m a Digital Marketing junkie.

Back in 2012, I knew nothing about how to advertise or market a business and thought it would be a good idea to open a store on the local High Street.

Boy did I get a rude awakening, it’s as hard as hell to not just run a store, but to run a store successfully.

I needed to start and work out how this was done…and fast

That’s my Fiancee and me around the time we started our business venture together, before we knew what a roller coaster ride it was going to be.

I knew it was going to be hard, but until you actually start a business, you don’t know just how hard.

We got the keys for our premises, spent around 4 weeks getting the shop fitted out and all the stock together, literally doing a couple of all nighters too, making sure we could open the doors on the date we had planned.

We literally got everything sorted the night before opening…amazing what you can do when you have a time and a date planned.

Lindon Talbot

It was so exciting to actually realise one of our dreams and to own a store in our local town, we couldn’t wait to open the doors, this was in 2012 and as you can see below, that was our shop and our business

Our Store

Lindon Talbot

Our Store

Lindon Talbot

As a business owner yourself, you know the hard work it takes just to get to the point of opening the doors, but the stress, hard work, sleepless nights and ultimately lack of money that can come quickly when you actually start to run your own business, far out ways all the previous work we had done.

We soon learned that this was going to be a struggle, with the rent, rates, utility bills and all other costs that go in to running a business, within 2 years we sadly had to close the doors and although it was devastating at the time, I did learn so much from the experience. As soon as we opened the doors, I had to start to learn all about advertising and marketing, branding and sales, but that takes time and we didn’t have that.

However, what it did give me was a passion for advertising and marketing, especially for local businesses. As I had been there 1st hand, knowing the pitfalls and not having the time to be able to learn what you need to know whilst working in your business, I now knew that I could take a positive from our misfortune and that’s when I went all in learning everything I can to help small local businesses grow.

Enjoying Life

Lindon Talbot

I now love helping local businesses as well as enjoying the time I have here by watching my beloved Arsenal…OK you may hate them, I get it. Love spending time away from the business to go on holidays

Lindon Talbot TLC Media Group

Love Going Holidays

Watching Tributes

Our Little Dog Alfie!


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