Advantages Of Chatbots In Beauty Salons

Advantages Of Chatbots In Beauty Salons

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What Types Of Beauty Businesses Will Benefit From A Chatbot?

All types of businesses in the beauty industry would benefit from a chatbot if you have Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Tanning Salon, Spa, or any Beauty Salon would greatly benefit from having a chatbot installed on their website.

At the most basic of chatbots, the beauty industry would benefit from a chatbot by getting it to answer your most frequently asked questions.

Questions such as where are you located, do you have parking, hours of business, prices, products you sell, any images of your work, book appointments etc.

These can all be installed in the chatbot freeing up precious time from you answering the phone.

Don’t forget a chatbot will be running 24/7, so anyone visiting your website out of hours, they can still get their questions answered immediately, and that’s what people want to do, answers immediately!

Main Benefits From A Chatbot In Your Salon

  • Send News & Updates To Subscribers. A chatbot can receive data such as name, email,& phone number and then you can market to them ongoing. So let subscribers know when you have any offers, send out coupons, any new products, if for some reason your salon had to close unexpectedly you can inform customers.

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  • Provide 24/7 Support. The true beauty of a chatbot is they never take time off, you can be making money in your sleep and they don’t ask for time off, no sick days, no annual leave, no pension to pay and the cost of running one probably works out to less than 10 pence an hour! and you get away with it…

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  • Schedule and Book Appointments. Having a chatbot on your site makes appointment scheduling for your salon really quick and simple, even if you haven’t a booking system, most chatbots can integrate a booking system for you and you get notified every time a customer makes a booking.

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  • Sell Your Products. Selling your products online is really easy with a chatbot, similar to booking appointments, selling products can be done 24/7, with the added feature that you can send them coupons or special discounts, this makes this feature invaluable with a chatbot.

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  • Provide Customers Personalised & Expert Advice. You are the authority figure in your industry and you can position yourself so with a chatbot-they are great for this. You can have your bot pre-loaded with helpful tips, tricks and great advice on all types of questions asked and this gives the customer a great experience and they love it.

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Do Chatbots Collect Data?

The majority of chatbots do collect data such as a person’s name, email address and telephone number, this is a huge asset for your business as you can market to the customer ongoing.

Also, you want to ask if you can see the analytics of how your chatbot is working. You want information on how many people have initiated a chat with your bot, how many interactions and percentage rates, Also with some bot companies, they will set-up goals for your bot so you know if someone has left their name or email if they continued to the end of the bot and percentages of if used on a mobile or desktop.

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Chatbots In Salons Are On The Increase

Certain industries benefit more from a chatbot than others, although the majority of businesses would benefit from a chatbot, the Beauty Salon industry really does benefit from a chatbot with being able to book appointments, give advice on products and services, advice and tips on hair colours or nail colours for certain skin tones etc.

It all depends on how complex of a chatbot you require, from your simple chatbot, making appointments and answering your most FAQ, to the more complex where you give lots of advice on skincare, make-up, tanning session times, sending out coupons, offers, showcasing products and more.

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