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Best Ways To Get New Customers Into Your Restaurant

Every local restaurant business would like new customers on a regular basis, this is really difficult to achieve even when you advertise in the local paper, have ads on the local radio stations, put your business on billboards, advertise with deal saving sites or dare I say, put those flyers out to every household in the area.

These type of ads are:
  1. Very Costly
  2. Ineffective
  3. Not trackable
  4. You can take a massive loss
  5. Difficult to get repeat custom
A Way To Avoid All Of The Above Is Have A Birthday Club
Why Have A Birthday Club...
  1. It Keeps Your Restaurant Full During Non-Peak Hours. 

  2. It Increase Sales

  3. It Attracts New Customers

  4. It Helps Get Repeat Customers

  5. It Provides You With Your Highest Value Paying Customer

What You Need To Do To Set Up A Birthday Club

How To Create A Birthday Club


It's important to make sure you have a compelling offer to incentivize your customers to dine with you versus your competitor. Typical offers involve providing complimentary meals or desserts to the birthday patron if they are accompanied by a paying guest.

STEP 2: Design the Marketing Collateral

You will need to create marketing material to showcase your birthday club to existing guest encouraging them to sign up for your club. This can be postcards you send in the mail, business-sized cards you provide to guest upon paying for a meal, table tents with a call to action to join your birthday club and posters set around your restaurant.


On the marketing collateral, you will need a destination for the guest to visit to sign up for your birthday club. This can be a simple one-page website that is connected to an email autoresponder that captures the customers' information and automatically sends them their birthday offer at the time of their birthday.


You can also take more of a manual approach and provide sign-up cards that capture all your customer's pertinent information, in which you would then enter this information into a spreadsheet or a database program such as excel or google spreadsheets
Having an internal birthday club can have tremendous benefits for your business. However, its an additional responsibility that needs constant attention and management. Unless you have an appointed staff member to properly manage your birthday club, routinely enter new signups into your database, track the responsiveness of your marketing, and keep your marketing collateral updated (which can get expensive), then having a birthday club can go south quick. For this reason is why we recommend you create an EXTERNAL birthday club compared to an INTERNAL birthday club.

The Most Effective Way To Drive New Customers To Your Restaurant

In addition to the tedious work it requires to run an INTERNAL birthday club, a common concern we hear from restaurant owners is the need to attract NEW customers and not just provide discounts and specials to existing customers who may already have intentions on celebrating their birthday with their restaurant without having to provide a discount.


"Reach 1000's Of Customers On a Daily Basis Willing To Spend £62 or More Per Visit Without Their Drinks Spend"

We work with restaurants to help them increase foot traffic, sales, and customer retention. Recently, we've been having great success with a new program we created called External Birthday Marketing. Our program helps local restaurants get more new customers on an ongoing basis. Our system allows us to geographically target thousands of people on a daily basis whose birthday is in the next 7 days within a 10-15 mile radius of your restaurant!  We then send these customers to your restaurant to celebrate their special day.


  • Birthday customers are your most valuable customer for your restaurant

  • According to the National Restaurant Association, an average birthday patron spends £62 per table

  • More than 70% of people in the UK eat out on their birthday

  • The average reservation for a  birthday party is 3-4 people

Notice we said 'external', meaning some restaurants have an internal club geared only to existing birthday customers. We've perfected a process that allows us to send your restaurant BRAND NEW customers that most likely have not visited your restaurant before. It's not uncommon for our system to drive multiple customers through your door on a daily basis forcing you to increase sales while you become the talk of the town!

Since we are confident in our approach, we practice exclusivity. Meaning, we only work with two restaurants per geographic region to maintain the effectiveness of our program. 



We first put your business in front of a targeted audience of people who will be celebrating a birthday within the next 7 days. This advertisement is geographically targeted to only show to birthday patrons within 10-15 miles of your restaurant. Because our process reaches these potential customers right before their birthday, they are the most targeted, fresh, & qualified leads you could ever have!

Next, your potential guest fills out their registration form that provides their name, telephone number, how many people in the party, date of arrival, & time they are planning to come. 

We create a personalized email follow-up campaign that reminds the birthday guest to dine at your restaurant. In addition, we notify you and your staff of every customer lead that submits a form. We also send them mobile SMS notifications to have the greatest chance of getting them to show up on the date and time arranged.

"We Drive The Most Qualified Leads To Your Business And Ensure They Show, It's A Win-Win"

We've truly created a sustainable system that will produce new customers on a daily basis to your restaurant. If you can benefit from a steady flow of new customers and would like to be the exclusive restaurant we deploy our birthday system with, then make sure to proceed to the next step below to see if your restaurant qualifies for a custom birthday club.


1: Create a noticeable R.O.I to make your advertising pounds work better for cheaper

2: Create a steady stream of new customers on an ongoing basis

3: Create a strong sense of affinity throughout the community

4: Become the premier restaurant and talk of the town!

5: Get daily visibility and exposure to your restaurant. You'll stay in front of new customers every day!

6: Birthday customers seldom eat alone. Enjoy large table transactions using the birthday club system

7: Create positive cash flow

8: Unique way to increase sales

9: Enhance your reputation throughout town!

Birthday Customers are the happiest customers you can have in your restaurant and that means they spend more and give bigger tips making your waiting staff happier too.
You will never run out of new customers as everybody has a birthday and we can get in front of new potential customers every 7 days.
Birthdays are more likely to result in dining out than any other occasion with well over 70% of UK residents saying they dine out on their birthday.
Imagine if you could generate just 3 new birthday customers per day with a £62 transaction. What would that do to the bottom line of your business?
It would increase your business by £5,580 per month and a £66,960 revenue increase over the course of a year.

But it does not end there because, with all the leads we collect, we then promote to those with email and sms every single month...this encourages them to keep coming back on a regular basis, giving you even more income.
  • We tap into the local reach and amazing power of social media with super targeted ads to get them wanting to dine in your restaurant.
When you get a birthday party into your restaurant, they are more likely to arrive with a larger party than normal and spend more per table than average.
With thisprogram  we have the expertise and infrastructure to guarantee exposure every single day and get you new local customers on autopilot every week.
Additional Benefits You Should Be Aware Of...
  1. EXPOSURE: You’ll reach new customers every day.  24/7/365 because every week a new set of customer's with upcoming birthday's will be targeted for you ... on autopilot!
  2. GOODWILL: It helps to create a strong sense of affinity and goodwill throughout the community, so you can become the desertion spot for birthday celebrations. 
  3. Works great, regardless of economic conditions. A response is the same whether the economy is weak or strong.
  4. Builds your business seven days a week. Conventional advertising typically only builds Friday/Saturday business. Birthdays are spread equally throughout the week.
  5. Birthdays are year round. Our program helps take the bite out of slower seasons.  Everyone has one!
  6. The perfect cross-sell program:
         > influence your lunch customers to also visit you for dinner.
         encourage customers to dine at your other locations. 
  7. Your customers’ privacy is guaranteed. We will never sell, trade or use your database for anything other than mailing birthday invitations to your customers.
  8. More than 70% of all people eat out on their birthday w/ a group!
9. We build a database for you. 
We will collect customer names, mobile phone, and email addresses. No need to build a database, we do it for you.

10. Targets local customers as opposed to tourists. 
Only residents within 5 to 25 miles around your restaurant

11. Much more profitable than other new customer programs. 
“Acquiring new customers is 5 to 10 times the cost of retaining your existing customers.”  -Bain and Company

12. Geographic exclusivity. To maximize each client’s return, we will only accept one restaurant in a given area.

    13. NEW CUSTOMERS: You’ll drive new customers into your business. Every 7 days we’ll reach a new audience to put your business in front of.

     14. ROI: Helping you convert new customers into regulars, so your ad money works better at a cheaper cost.    
     15. MOST PROFITABLE CUSTOMERS: Birthday guest spends an average of £62 per table and has an average of 4 guests per table.
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