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Massive Brand Awareness & Ultimately New Customers For

95% Of Restaurants Don't Do Any Of This...
We Target Your Most Valuable Customer

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How Does It Work?

We target your most valuable customer...
someone having a Birthday within the next 7 days!

TLC Media Group Birthday Club
This type of audience are your most profitable customers, as an average table spend is far more than what your regular customers spend because the group is generally bigger 
TLC Media Group Birthday Club
We use email & text message marketing & when used together s the most powerful form of marketing there is at the moment because you can get your message in front of a customer & they will see the message within minutes, if not seconds
TLC Media Group Birthday Club
You don't need an Autoresponder, you don't need a communications system, all ad costs are included, text messages are included, all email costs are included, it's just one ridiculous low investment, and you get the whole system created and ran for you 
TLC Media Group Birthday Club
Your Restaurant is put in front of between 3000 and 6000 different people every week that have a Birthday within the next 7 days and are within a 10-15 mile radius of your Restaurant
TLC Media Group Birthday Club
When a text/sms message is sent out, 97% of your customers will read that text and you can create business on demand which is a guaranteed way of increasing revenue within your Restaurant
TLC Media Group Birthday Club
You get new customers on a daily basis from super hyper-targeted ads on Social Media where we collect their Name, Email, Mobile Number, Birthday, How many in their party & what day they would like to celebrate their Birthday at your Restaurant


There are still Restaurants that are advertising in local papers, even posting flyers
through doors and expecting to get a return on their investment!
You have got to adapt to the changes that are going on or you will die! 


Now, we have promised you that you can get in this program at half the normal price and the way we are able to do that is by creating a Digital Business Directory and allowing just 9 local businesses in each town in the directory, these 9 businesses are all different niche businesses so if a business is accepted into the program, they will get exclusivity in that town. So we have a Pizzeria, Indian Restaurant, Nail Bar, Hair Salon, Gym and so on until the directory has the 9 niche businesses and your business is what we call the anchor to the directory. 
Your business is at the forefront of all the advertising, you get all the data and the directory is where visitors are sent after we have collected all the data we need for your business, as these businesses are contributing to expenses and costs, this is how you can get your investment at such a low investment.

We advertise your business on Social Media, targeting some of your most valuable customers and we reach between 3000 and 7000 different people every single week, depending on your town. The advert we create is so targeted and highly engaging with the offer and the graphics we use, that it attracts a very high number of potential customers that see it, they want to take us up on the offer.

They click on the advert and are presented with a form to fill in, here we grab the information we need like name, email, phone number even their birthday, each potential customer is then presented with the digital directory with the 9 niche businesses on where they can choose further offers we have for them. 
They are then presented with a custom-designed digital coupon via email and text message that they will then bring in with them when they visit your business. This is an extremely effective way of getting massive visibility, huge exposure, great brand awareness and of course new customers.

We also send them follow-up emails to remind them to use the coupon, giving you a far greater chance of them showing up to your business. These adverts run 24/7, 365 days a year and are proven to be a massive success. With the businesses that run on the back end of the ad, this is how we are able to give you this program for a crazy investment and take half off our normal investment.


As a local business, you need a constant stream of customers and you know that is very costly to acquire a new customer, and as a local business, we just don't have the money to throw around like the big brand names to get your name out there. So here at TLC Media Group we set-up this program in conjunction with our Best City Deals division, we have come up with an amazing concept where you can, at last, advertise your business 24/7 in a way you can easily afford. 

Some Of The Businesses We Like To Work With

Hair Salon

TLC Media Group Hair Salon

Bars & Clubs

TLC Media Group Bars and Clubs

Day Spas

TLC Media Group Day Spas


1. Daily Exposure
2. Daily Visibility
3. Huge Brand Awareness
4. New Customers
5. Top Of Mind Awareness
6. Town/City Exclusivity
7. Amazing Bonuses Every Month
8. All Ad Costs/Text/Emails
9. & More For One All-Inclusive Investment 

About The Founder 

 Founder of Best City Deals Lindon Talbot has a passion to help local businesses after he owned a brick & mortar store in his home town that he had to close back in 2014. Ever since then, Lindon has been determined to help other local businesses get their name out there & grow to prevent them from having to close their doors. For over 6 years, Lindon has been learning everything he can on how to help businesses be able to bring in more customers, get existing customers coming back more frequently & best ways to get more visibility, more exposure & more brand awareness.

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Lindon Talbot

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More Visibility, Extra Exposure, Huge Brand Awareness & Ultimately New Customers

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