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How Would You And Your Business Like To Be In The 3 Pack?

How would you feel when a potential customer searches best restaurant in your town, or best salon, nail bar, gym, tanning salon or whatever local business you own, and your business comes up in the top 3 searches on Google or even in the top searches. This is the holy grail for local businesses and you need to be there.
The PDF is a complete walk-through of the whole process of creating and optimising your GMB Listing.
Once you click to grab your PDF, you will be able to download it, print it off and go through the procedure step by step. 
You need to be in the search results from the largest search engine when someone searches your business 
Being GMB Listed gets you more visibility and exposure for your business, this is prime real estate and you need to be there
All the information your potential customers need will be shown in your GMB Listing, this is vital for a local business
Have Images And Videos of your business so your potential customers can see your business inside and out
What is Google's Local 3 Pack?
The birth of the Local 3-Pack can be dated back to a few years ago when Google decided to feature Google Map results alongside the top local search results, this was such a hit that they branded it the Local Pack.
Initially, the pack consisted of 7 local businesses that were relevant to the search query, however after a lot of testing, the number was cut back to 3, and this was the birth of the Local 3 Pack around 2015.
As you can see in the Google listings, our company TLC Media Group is at the very top of the listings and we can't fake that. Now what Google can do, even if you are not listed, is put your business in the listings, but further down the
listings, however, it won't have reviews, telephone number or opening hours and that can be huge for your business.

Ranking a competitive keyword in the 3-pack, or even getting on the 1st page of Google can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know what you're doing.
However, if you're disciplined enough and use a system that ensures you optimize every ranking factor that counts, you will get there eventually.

The 1st thing you should cover is to ensure that you are listed and then make sure the GMB Listing of your listing is verified.

Regardless of what local business you have, you need to be listed on Google My Business. Post pictures, videos and content as this is 1 way to keep your listing at least on the 1st page.
Google My Business gives you a place to make important business updates that can be immediately seen by searchers.  Useful, up-to-date information about your business will readily be displayed on your Google My Business listing, searchers can see your:

* Hours of operation* Busy Periods* Directions* Photos
* The call now button displayed for mobile users
* Description of your business

When you are listed in GMB, your reviews are listed too, and we all know that potential customers check out reviews before deciding to visit you. Now as long as your reviews are at least above a 4 rating, this can be massive for your business, you will be guaranteed to get more customers into your business if you are on GMB than if you're not.

Information from the hours of business to your telephone number, from directions to your place of business to have the opportunity to ask you a question about your business. Customers can even see your busy times and those times when you're not so busy.

Monitor And Update Regularly

GMB listings don’t have to take too much work, but it is important to keep information and links up to date. For example, adjust opening hours for the Christmas period if you need to.
Also, make sure the photos match what customers will find. If you’ve just refreshed the store and it looks great, make sure the photos reflect that.

Make Use Of New Features

Over the last two years, Google has added some useful extra features to GMB listings. Depending on the type of business, these can help to drive footfall and capture the attention of searchers.

Appointment Bookings
The ability to add bookings can be very useful for some business types, restaurants being one obvious example, and these will appear as call to action buttons in your GMB listing.
The PDF is a complete walk-through of the whole process of creating and optimising your GMB Listing.
Once you click to grab your PDF, you will be able to download it, print it off and go through the procedure step by step.
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