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Jigami Hair Salon


Jigami Hair Salon

Jigami is a chain of hairdressing salons based in Malta that is getting great download numbers, tremendous engagement and hosts some brilliant information.
Their app has been packed full of excellent content from wedding services and beauty tips, to a loyalty program and appointment feature!
This is a prime example of how an app should be done for a hairdressers, so lets go ahead a take a look under the hood to see how they are getting so much success.
Repeat custom is what every business wants as it’s much cheaper to service an existing client than it is to try and get a new customer on board. New customers can be expensive to come by through marketing, so it’s really important to make your existing customers want to come back again and also entice the new ones with great offers.
Jigami have a whole host of great loyalty offers on the go at any one time.
Let’s take a look.

Gelish Toes/Nails - Get a Gelish service FREE for every 5 ordered
Botox Hair Treatment - Get a FREE Botox Hair Treatment after every 5 ordered.
Make Up Service
Scalp Massage
Scalp/Hair Conditioning Treatment.
All of the above are buy 5, get 1 free offers.
This is a fantastic way to get your customer coming back for more.
Jigami use a video gallery to showcase their properties, their advertisements and also some special offers that they are hosting on YouTube and displaying on their app. 
Some great examples for your Salon, would be to put up a video tour of your salon, you could do a meet the stylist video where each stylist does a video introduction. 
You could showcase a video gallery of hairstyles. What about a video of a haircut or a beauty treatment? Video is extremely powerful and when deployed in the correct manner, can give you a serious advantage over your competitors.

This is seriously smart marketing!
Jigami have set up a blog within the app with RSS feeds from various different industry magazines and bloggers that updates in real time with the latest, news tips and reviews from the hair and beauty industry.

This is a great way to generate content for your blog to ensure that users keep coming back, over and over again to read the latest information, look at the latest hairstyles, or see what the celebrities are doing with their hair!

Jigami also use the PDF up-loader to host all of their price lists.
This is a great way to set expectations with customers through the app. If they can view prices on the app, it saves them calling up in advance to get a price which takes up staff time.
Your customer can read important booking information through the app and also book an appointment. In a lot of salons, appointment booking is a full time job for someone, so being able to do this through the app can free up a set of hands and save your business money!
Benefits Of A Mobile App For Your Hair Salon
Get a message out to your customers from special offers to any new products you have and 98% of customers will see it and, we can do that for you
You can have a Loyalty Scheme set up for your Salon that will encourage customers to keep coming back and spending more with you
Imagine your customers being able to book an appointment with you whenever they choose, day or night, 24/7, this is huge 
A Mobile App will reinforce your brand by increasing visibility, gives you more presence on a phone and helps build loyalty

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